Assignments & Grading

Participation & reading responses 20%

  • Students are required to be at every class and participate in class discussions of the readings.
  • When readings are assigned, students are required to send two responses (approximately 3-5 sentences each) that contain commentary, criticisms, or questions on the Laulima forum about the reading **by 8pm on the Tuesday before the reading is to be discussed **.
  • Each student is required to reply to two of their classmates’ responses by 8pm on Wednesday (approximately 2-4 sentences each).

Homework assignments 20%

  • There will be several short assignments on the topics being discussed in class.
    1. IRB assignment
    2. Metadata assignment
    3. ELAN assignment
    4. FLEx lexicon assignment
    5. FLEx glossing assignment
    6. ELAN-FLEx-ELAN import export assignment
    7. Data management plan

Presentations 20%

Students are required to present twice during the semester. These are short 10 minute presentations that explain topics to the class in a concise, useful way. The presentation should provide an overview of the topic with illustrative examples that help other students understand how the topic applies to language documentation. Each presentation should be accompanied by a short presentation and/or a two page (single-spaced) handout with relevant information and examples. The handout should serve as a kind of cheat sheet.

Presentation 1 topics

  • IMDI/CMDI metadata standards
  • OLAC metadata standards
  • XML & JSON
  • Unicode
  • Digital audio file formats
  • Digital video file formats
  • ISO 693-3 & Glottocodes
  • DOIs, PIDs, and permanent handles
  • Repositories, servers, and DSpace

Presentation 2 topics

Audiovisual recording & transcription 20%

  • Each student will make a recording of a conversation of at least 1/2 hour.
    • The recording must use video with a separate audio recorder.
    • The audio and video will be synced, edited and exported for transcription in ELAN.
  • Students will transcribe a small portion of the recording using Discourse Transcription (Du Bois et al. 1993).

Documentation enrichment project 20%

  • Enrich a portion of a documentation project. In week 4 of the semester students will begin meeting with me to discuss the areas of the documentation project on which they would like to work. The goal of this project is to give student hands on experience working with documentary materials, using the technical skills that they have learned in this class. This semester we will be working with the Dr. Richard McGinn’s documentation of Rejang, an Austronesian language of southwest Sumatra.

Du Bois, John W., Stephan Schuetze-Coburn, Susanna Cumming & Danae Paolino. 1993. Outline of discourse transcription. In Jane Anne Edwards & Martin D. Lampert (eds.), Talking data: Transcription and coding in discourse research, 45–89. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.